Finding comps

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It is probably easier to do it yourself if you an investor. A realtor can help you but if you have a bunch of comps needed, he or she may not want to do so much work for no compensation. 

There are tools if you check Google, great luck.

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@Sharon Leigh Depending on how hot or cold home sales are in that area, getting recent true comps on your own can be difficult. I was recently trying to run down comps on a duplex in my area, and given the luke warm market in that area there really were no true comps that were recent enough to be of great value. I had to rely on a real estate agents knowledge of the area and his access to MLS to dig up some not-so-recent sales. Many free sites like Zillow will only show recently sold homes in a search engine. If you're looking at a single family home, your chances of getting solid comps will be much better, and if the market in the area you're looking is a bit hotter good comps will come even easier.

If you can get some help from an agent using MLS, that would be ideal. If you plan to use an agent to make the purchase I'm sure they would be more than happy to help. If not, I totally agree with @Greg Wake  about them not being to excited to work for free. 

Either way good luck!


@Mat Gunkel. Thanks , the property is a single family home. Between you and @ Greg Wake. I have a better view of the path I will take and I do know a realtor in the family who did a lot of deals. Again, I want to thank you for your reply.

Another option to check out is Although you'll likely need to take the estimated values with a grain of salt, it also includes the Zillow estimate as well as the tax assessed value and recently sold comps. I've seen the comps go back over a year, so it may help with your analysis.