Payoff debt, continue with residential investments or try commercial?

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What to do, what to do?

You may have read my previous posts (blogs) and know that my main goal was to stop growing and pay off debt, but now that we just got a little cash from a rent-to-own deal we did, I am questioning my next move. On the one hand, this cash can be put to good use and pay -down some debt. On the other hand, this cash can be used as a down payment for more investment properties.We have placed one of our rentals under the R.T.O. contract, which means that (eventually) we will be shorter in cash flow, unless we replace that sale with another property.

If for just a minute I would have made up my mind to continue to invest…. Should I continue with rental Single families? Should I try a small multi-units? OR…should I try a commercial real estate investment?

YES…I said commercial…. It is enticing….. but from research, I also know the vacancy rates are higher than residential. So many questions!

I am currently researching a car wash (self serve) commercial/business property… the numbers seem to make sense… but is a brand new territory for me.

Has anyone here been in this type of situation before? What did you do? Please comment!

Thanks for reading!

Would you mind sharing what your outstanding debts look like compared to your cash lying around?  This may help to get an easier answer?  THANKS!

@Ana Hyler  Once a month we play cash flow with fellow investors.  Some are  wannabe, others are newbies & some are experienced.  What's wonderful about the game is a real life situation like yours will arrive in the game- Pay off debt or wait for another deal?  The point of the game is to have "passive income" that exceeds your expenses.   Most of us are playing the game for real so I'll answer your post w/ a question- Would paying off some of your debt make a dent in your passive income being more than your expenses?  If not then take the cash, invest & create more income.  

Your second question; What kind of investment? SFR, Multi, commercial.... My opinion: Educate yourself about Multi, commercial....... & be prepared for any opportunity that presents itself. The fear about something new will subside as you learn more.

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