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So, I have had a couple of rentals with))4 my ex wife. When we broke up, the rental dynasty broke up. O have since remarried and she suggestedcreating a rental/ flipping dynasty (I love her).

I have to do this smartly. I want the slate clean and maybe I can learn something I didn't know before.

I want a cash flow first. I will do a single family house first,but I think I prefer a 2-3multi unit (duplex or triplex). I want to avoid private investors, but I have not ruled out the option entirely

My question(s) to you is:

1. What am I looking for in multiple housing?

2. What other sources can I use to start our dream?

3. What else have I not asked?

Pick an area you want to own 4 properties in and start dropping off postcards that say "I buy houses" then put signs on the poles at intersections that say the same.

then get prepaid to act, how fast can you close.  Have an escrow Closing company ready for your deals have financing  at the ready.   Try and think of every thing needed to take advantage of a once in a life time deal, and when it comes a long close it.

Good luck


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