Is joining a public Real Estate Investing group a good idea to start with?

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I live in Corona, CA and I was wondering whether it is a smart idea to join a public investing group. On the poster, it stated that new learners are wanted. Is this a good idea? considering that most sucessful Real Estate Investors are self-taught? If anyone from Corona knows what I am talking about, please tell me what they're about. Thank you!

- Phillip Joo

@Phillip Joo , welcome to BP! I personally like small, informal investor groups rather than REIAs per se, but they both have their place depending on your goals. Worst case scenario, go visit and get a feel for things. I'm sure there are plenty around, just shop around for what suits your needs. Good luck and again, welcome to the site!

I highly doubt most successful real estate investors are truly "self-taught" Of course they learn a lot from their mistakes but most of the ones I know have had other mentors and partners they have learned from

I generally bounce around and visit many of the local meetups (REIAs, cashflow games, and informal BP meetups) based on the topic of discussion. While many of these groups do pitch their annual memberships to visitors, I prefer to not be locked into just one group. Perhaps being in LA, I'm fortunate that there are a lot of other options and alternative meetups to attend (some free some not) to network and grow as an investor. 

I think nearly every meetup I've come across encourages newbies (wouldn't be very welcoming if they didn't) so don't let that pitch alone sway you. Check out several if you can. If you really find a lot of value with just one group and feel that your needs are being met, then I don't see how joining can be a bad idea. 

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