Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Investor, Or both?

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Hello to Everyone on BG! quick question that I need some advice on, Ive been undecided if i should become a real estate agent, real estate investor or both. I got into real estate because I have been working as a laborer and managing my father's construction company for the last 4 years, I'm 21 years sophomore/junior in college studying marketing and accounting. i just don't know if i should become an agent or start investing, my real question is should i consider being an agent, will it benefit my real estate career? or should i avoid the whole agent thing and get into investing. I found a great agency that i feel comfortable in, with like minded individuals very positive and hungry attitudes. on the other hand, all though my father is very knowledgeable when it comes to construction,flipping and renovating right now we are a small business in need of capital to expand. I see great potential working with my father as my contractor and me being in charge of the investments and management. Can i do both? should I do both? I don't know if me becoming an agent will really benefit the outcome or will it?

Please leave any advice, experiences and opinions! thanks it will be highly appreciated.

sincerely, Steven Betancurth

I definitely suggest both!

A license will give you access to the MLS for comps and other great benefits, and you can always have that hat to wear if you need it. For instance if you meet a seller who really is more of a listing than an investment type deal, bam! You're an agent that can list it for them and collect that commision.

Most of the (big) investors in NJ that I know started out with getting licenses due to the many benefits. I have been investing for years now and I recently started a course to get my license, I wish I did it sooner.

In regards to being a realtor or investor, I say be an investor with a license for a good 1-2 punch so you can approach sellers with all options under your belt! Its also great that you already have the contractor part of it down.

Come out to the meetups and you'll learn a ton and can make a better decision and learn from more people, all I've said is from my opinion and what I've experienced/learned....our company just spoke at Chris Goodsons event last night. Theres NJRESN, NJREIA, and NJREIC. Tons of investors/realtors/attorneys under one roof learning and networking.

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