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I everyone, 

I am learning how to find ARV/comps and I am trying to find out what conditions a property got sold.

Since I need properties for my comparables that have been sold in good conditions or fully renovated (preferably).

Now, the rhing is that I don't have access to the MLS, so I am looking at website portals(Zillow,redfin,trulia.etc..)

What would be the best way to find what contidions these comparable properties in these websites were sold like?

Any help, opinion or advice will be highly appreciated.

Thank you everyone.

I would use redfin. You can usually find sold properties and the photos are still up. If the property was not sold "AS IS" then you can bet that the property was move in ready at the sold price. Just my 2 cents. I am new also, but have gotten some great guidance.

@Fernando Valenzuela

Redfin does a decent job of sold properties, but your best bet is to contact a few local agents. Get to know them and go from there. 

I'm sure you could easily find a few on BP in your area. 

Terrance Brown,

Thank you for the help, I just started using Redfin and its really good, but now, would it say on the comparable sales if a property was sold "AS IS", a forclousure or short sale. If it doesn't say non of these three, it should be a good bet that they were sold as a move in ready, good conditions, is that correct?

Again, thank you for the help.

Logan Hassinger,

Thank you for the advice, I think that would be the best bet, the only thing is that before contacting an agent I would always like to double check. Right now I want to see how much info I can get on my own if I ever want to double check.

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