Drive for dollars: Found houses that need major roof work. what to do?

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So i was driving home the other day and kept a close eye on properties that didn't look to pleasant. I found 2 that showed major signs of roof damage. How do you recommend I approach the home owners? Should I just send them a letter asking if they want to sell? or knock on the door? what approach would you take?

You can start by sending a letter but if you're in the neighborhood a knock on the door never hurts either.

If it is only a few houses then I would just go door knocking, if you send them a letter and they call you then you will have to call them anyway, course they might be rental properties so you first question might be: Nice house, do you own this place? And then go from there.

Just remember, solve problems for people. 

I'm looking to buy property in your neighborhood. Have you any interest in selling your house this year?  Then go from there. Tha'ts how I purchased many properties when I first started out. But I was looking at multifamilies and asked renters who thier landlord was and a phone number. Had my best luck with old people that wanted out. Made some great deals. 

Lots of great advice thanks for everyone's contributions. I will knock and see what happens

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