I found two great houses boarded up! Need help

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I recently just found two houses that were boarded up in a great neighborhood right by my house. There in a great location I believe they are right across from a park in a semi rural area. I want to take advantage of this deal because I believe it would be a great find and profitable flip. But there aren't any signs up on the property indicating  prices, foreclosure or anything for that matter. Any advice would be great:)

Can you find the owner in the tax records?

@ Justin Frye. Before I would have an opinion of any kind I would evaluate comps, ARV, etc. to determine if its a good deal for flipping or holding. Run the comps through Zillow, check property value(s) from the past. Evaluate what it would cost purchase per square foot and of course what area houses are selling for by sf....Never hurts to walk through the property with your Realtor, contractor, inspector, etc....What do your numbers say? GS

Thank you guys so much I have not yet ran numbers nor looked up tax records just seen it today and stopped during my lunch break. My first thing I will do is run the comps through zillow and check its property value. I did however notice that houses in the area were newly developed and some with property value over 850,000

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