How to Buy 20 Houses With $20K Following Brandon Turner's BRRRR strategy

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BRRRRandon Turner said with his BRRRR strategy, one can build a real estate empire starting with very limited funds. As the author of The Book On Buying Houses With Little to No Money Down, @Brandon Turner is a genius and even though he is not a billionaire yet, his strategies work and will make you a billionaire if you follow it and scale it.

Maybe billionaire is not what you want.

Maybe all you want is to have 20 houses.

If all you have is $20,000, here's a video on how you can buy 20 houses:

HINT: for this strategy to work, you need 2 different types of lenders.

The BRRRR strategy of Brandon is cool (and make you say "BRRRRrrrr")!

Here's what cooler: with a third lender, you can actually buy 20 houses with $0!