Best market for rental properties in Conmecticut?

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New investor looking to get into the rental and flipping market in Connecticut. Does anyone know of good places to start in? I live in the Hartford county an would really love to start doing some analysis of the markets.

@Karl Chapman

Welcome to BP!  It is always great seeing others from CT on the forums. Please let me know any way I can help you as you get started as I primarily operate in the Hartford area. 

Being located in Windsor puts you central to some solid areas to invest in. 

@MichaelNoto Thanks for the reply I'm actually looking for a mentor to help me get my feet wet if you have the need for a motivated and hard working apprentice I'm down for anything and everything. I'm in the process of getting my real estate license now, just studying to pass the state exam. My LinkedIn account has more info about me and who I am.

@Karl Chapman ,

Welcome to the Best Real Estate Site on the Net.
It is always nice to see another Ct., resident in the forums.
Click on the "learn tab" at the top of the page, and you could be spending many hours on the Information that is available.

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