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Hello... I am just beginning to play with this for the first time.

It is looking like the analyzer is calculating only 80% of whatever loan I put in to give me my monthly amount and total deal numbers, etc...

Does anyone know if this is correct?

Tried to do a screen shot but can't paste it in here.

I have loan set at 100K @ flat 10% interest only and the monthly mortgage amount comes out to be 833.33.  

I am assuming I need to put my loan amount in for an extra 17-20% above what the real amount is to compensate?  Or is there a way to change the default of this?

I am only a Plus member, but about to become Pro.  Will doing so give me features I cannot see currently to allow for this kind of play within changing things for each deal as necessary?

Any help or advice would be MOST APPRECIATED!  :-)

Thank you!

Dena Price

Go to bankrate.com and use the loan calculator there to see if it matches; if it matches, then you should look in the mirror for the problem ;)

How sweet of you!  Thanks for your advice.

I was going to leave this alone... but I feel it needs to be said...

I figured it out after I posted but could not delete the post. I am new to this site and saw the mistake I made. So sorry some of us may not be finance guru's but that is why we are here learning. I knew immediately what I did wrong.. Just a long day and alot of brain work today caused me to be a little rummy.... You embarrassed me and I just wanted you to know I believe in a public forum people should have some semblance of class and graciousness... but I guess we differ on that 

This post has been removed.

@ Liz....

Thank you and I could not agree more.  I was going to say nothing, like I said, but sometimes you just gotta put it back out there and this was one of those moments.  I have not wasted anytime on the rudeness, but I also am sicilian and speak my mind!  lol!

I have also grown some tough skin thru the events of REI for sure! It is a tough industry and I have dealt with some great people and some jerks too... I am sure we can all attest to that! He might just be having a bad day too!

I will send him positive thoughts!  lol!  

I wish you lots of success and blessing Liz!  Sounds like you got a great start.  What is the old saying we grew up with:  You have to kiss alot of toads to find your prince; likewise pluck alot of weeds to find that rich soil and great harvest!  

You are sweet to be so supportive!  This is actually the first time anyone has been ungracious in their comments.  

Take care!



This post has been removed.

@Dena Price - I think you misunderstood @Steve Babiak . He happens to be in the .5% of folks here in terms of what he knows and what he's done. Steve doesn't have much love for me, and has given me a mouth-fool on an occasion. But, he is not to be ignored - he's earned, and I listen when he speaks...

Now - Steve's concept of teaching, which is mine as well, is less about chewing the food and putting it in your mouth, and more about inducing thought. He has done exactly this for you, and you figured out the mistake just fine. Dena - I sell a course, and I consult on occasion, and even in those instances when people pay me money to get answers I do not hold hands. We cannot teach - all we can do is cause folks to learn. There is indeed a difference :)

Let this roll off your back. Hope this helps, and welcome to BP Nation!


Hello Ben,

Yes, I get it and I do not need hand holding, but a simple "recheck your figures and how you arrived at them' would have been more professional.  

I really just want this to go away, it was not that big of deal.  I did not judge him, just pointed out it was not a courteous reply.

No big deal.

Everyone has their own style of teaching and being... Live and let live.  I am now a bit timid to ask any questions and I have many.  Especially with the analyzer tool.  But I will figure it out I always do and I do not give up.

I appreciate your explanation and response and hope he does as well.

Take Care,


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