Investing in Cincinnati?

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My partner and I are looking jumping into the market in Cincinnati, we both live and work around boston, and work in urban design and planning. We are interested in Cincinnati because of the revitalization efforts. We are looking in and around the OTR area. I wondering if anyone has some insight, thoughts, or advice.

Investing in the Cincinnati area can be a great move and I would caution to have some boots on the ground or find someone you can trust when working the area.  There are a lot of "deals" that really arent even worth it if they were free.  Yes there are revitalization efforts and money to be made but investing remotely make sure you don't make a bad move that you can't check on or see in person.  Make sure you have people u can trust locally.

I've lived in OTR since 2008 and the revitalization is truly amazing. It's one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city right now. Deals can be a little hard to find, unless you know the right people or are looking more on the outskirts of development. If you have questions about specific properties or areas, I'd be happy to share my thoughts.