Where to find list of properties to input in my House Flipping Calculator

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Help ! I am a newbie. Where can I find the list of properties (sources) that I can input in my House Flipping Calculator and Wholesaling Calculator ?

I want to input at least 10 a day and analyze them.

Thank you so much.



If this is just for the practice, you could just grab properties off Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com or any number of other ways (driving through neighborhoods and picking some run-down places, etc.) Look for properties with unusually low prices for the neighborhood and lots of interior pics...maybe even pre-foreclosures. Those will likely need some work and you can practice estimating repairs based on the interior photos. Perfect example right in your neck of the woods: 

This house: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/8540-W-Roseview-... is on the market for $325k and is newly rehabbed (very nice job). Practically next-door is this one: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/8550-W-Roseview-... that's listed for $269k.

For flipping, figure out what you'd do to the second property to make it look more like the 1st then run your numbers through the calculator.

For rental figure out what, if anything, you would do to the second property to maximize the potential rent. If possible compare it to other rentals nearby. Then run your rental numbers in that calculator. 

Who knows...you may end up so impressed with the numbers you run you might end up putting an offer on something!

Hope that helps!

Thanks Jim. I am making a print out of your response to make it handy.

Much appreciated.


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