Hi all,

I am interested in a deal where there are 5 single family homes as a package.  Fully rented.  All are in good condition, rehabbed (fully gutted) about 3-5 years ago.

This would be my first deal getting into rental investing in US.  

Purchase price: 270k

Currently rented for: 3500/month

Expenses: 600/month (taxes, insurance, utilities < water for one unit)

Prop Mgt: 300/month 

Maintainance: 120/month

CapEx/Rainy day: 230/month

Vacancy: 175/ month (5%)

Debt service:  1090/ month (@5% interest)

Total:  2500 (approx)

Cash Flow:  1000/month (200 per door)

Downpayment: 70k (25%)

Cash on Cash: 17%

What are the downsides of such a package against a multifamily unit?


I will have to go with a commercial loan.  Since there is a limit of 4 total houses in getting conventional loan, would this commercial loan of 5 units close doors on me for getting conventional loans for my future acquisitions?