Palm Desert Condo.

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I've been wholesaling properties in SoCal for about 2 years and I have a Condo deal I am thinking of flipping on my own. Never done condos so I may just pass along the deal. Any advice would be good. Comps run $450k to $540k. Current for sale units are $499k. Clean unit but original 1980 finishes. Under contract for $325k fully furnished. HOA $450. Maybe $40k for a nice rehab. Any advice? Yes or No to rehab or should I Take $10,000 and pass it on? Anyone interested in taking it on if I do wholesale it?

I do a lot of condos in Chicago and Florida. Those number seem slim to me, but that's California. The only things to worry about is the HOA - are there rental restrictions? Are they involved in any litigation? Are there any special assessments planned, or obvious deferred maintenance in the association that will result in a special assessment? Otherwise you should be good to go.