Help With finding Lawyers and anyone who's an expert in seller financing and Lease Options

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Hi BP Nation!

Thanks in advance for anyone who replies to this post!

I'm in a tight situation and I'm hopping that anyone can direct me to someone who might be able to assist me. 

But first let me take it back all the way to the beginning (blurry screen effect)....

I joined BP about a year ago and possibly less during this time I've spent a lot of time researching and reading several blogs and post from many of it's members. Like many I've spent a lot on education it taught me a lot but it never pushed me to take action and it was the worst money spent EVER!!! . Then BP took over! after listening to several podcast it became evident finding deals is very important to ether wholesale or purchase for yourself. So I reached out to a BP member to assist me with my marketing campaign and the results been amazing and its my second month in! I currently learned that sticking to one particular strategy is not so good that's why i'm asking for help, many of the leads I'm receiving are good potential deals for seller financing and possible lease options.

1. I want to know if anyone can recommend any lawyer in NJ that's experienced in seller financing so I could develop proper contract.

2. I would like to personally work with someone locally experienced in this field who can teach me properly how to structure and negotiate the right agreement for both the sellers and myself, I have no problem giving most of the profit from the deals as long I learn the process!

PS @Brian Gibbons was a huge motivation for me to create this post! He gave me his time to explain as much as he could while clearing up the process I see I'm getting way ahead of myself! 

@Jeiby V.

Taking massive action is one thing, 

ready fire aim is another. 

As we spoke on the phone,  New Jersey is a tough state for creative financing, you need excellent lawyer representation for your business, and everybody sues  everyone in New Jersey

"Luca Braza swims with the fishes, old Sicilian message." That's a Godfather I  reference lol

I would find a re broker that's 60 years old or older that knows seller financing and He she can help you find an attorney in NJ

I would also work on your real estate license so you can effectively reassure sellers

Keep in touch!

This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

I recommend to find lawyer types.  Give a few a call and meet if they have a free consult.

Explain your business model and if they shoot you down then NEXT!   Not all Lawyers are good a for investor's.  

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