Inspection report concerns ???

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Just looking for some feedback? I have an offer on a house. It is a duplex I would be financing, however I just got the home inspectors report back and there are some things on that report listed as defective that make me concerned. Such as some large trees that over hang the house, some siding around the windows and a slate roof that the inspector recommends be replaced. The seller is most likely unwilling to lower the price or make these repairs. Since these needed repairs may affect my financing, I'm looking for some advice on how to possible proceed? Time is of the essence !?!

@Mark Denning How do you know the seller isn't going to fix or help pay for the problems, if you never ask? Both times I had inspection concerns I always asked and got something in return.

@Mark Denning  I agree with @Nick Britton .

We have just closed on a short sale that need repairs. After receiving a few quotes we went back to the seller and had the price reduced. Even with a bank involved there is wiggle room.

Get a few quotes and see the damage. Fixing these problems may not cost that much. The inspection reports are often daunting but really the problems may not be as large as you think or deal breakers.

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