Rental Properties Calculator

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Soooo... I've set a goal to analyze at least 5 properties per week. I thought I was doing something wrong because once I ran the numbers on the first few properties, the numbers all came out good - all had at least 9% CAP, with cash flow ranging from approximately $250-$550.

However, I analyzed one today and the numbers came out HORRIBLE. There was negative signs in front of everything, lol! This was a clear indication of the calculator showing how valuable it is when we're considering properties, and it also was a great lesson for me as I now see that all properties which look good are not necessarily a good investment.

This calculator literally has me eating, breathing, and sleeping real estate for the last few days since I upgraded. I've been sleeping with my laptop next to me, and have noticed that when I wake up I've been checking email for listings, and running numbers on properties before I even get dressed in the morning. I really think I've found what's going to make me happy in my career in real investing. I've never been this interested and fascinated in anything else in my professional life! :)