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So I found a condo that is super cheap and the owner is offering financing.  The return is negative to small for the first few years but then jumps to 30% in year 5 after and over 60% by year 10.  Property will be paid off in 5 years.  All in all I'd be out of pocket $50 bucks a month which I can cover from other cash flow positive properties that I own but I'm wary about ever having a property that costs me money from the get go.  What would you do?

@Benjamin Fredricks

Not enough information here to give opinion upon

I suggest you run the numbers and they will tell you the answer

How are you running your numbers? Arv? I wouldn't buy a condo or settle for break even or neg cash flow.

First off I'm anti condo and anti negative cash flow in most situations. Put them together and I'm turning the other way. But as far as the deal i don't have enough information to form an opinion one way or another. I need to see the numbers

Agreed with everyone that we need more information. I would be wary as well about buying a breakeven/negative cash flow property, especially one that is a condo. Check the financials of the HOA, because your return could easily shrink if the HOA raises its fees or gives you a special assessment.

Negative cash flow is never good. Hoping for long term success

Sounds like you're calculating cash flow by paying a ton towards mortgage principle. How else would you have such drastically different returns each year? Special assessment? I wouldn't care about the property being $50 short a month if the medium-term outlook included such a positive overall return. Calculating the IRR here would be your friend.

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