my first duplex - is this a good deal?

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Been talking with an elderly private seller who wants to sell a brick duplex, 2br/1ba. 1540 sq ft. Good location, great shape, HVAC about 15 yrs old, 5 yr roof.  He seemed to think it was worth around 130K based on his improvements, but I'm starting my analysis based on the County taxable market value of $88,850.  He mentioned seller financing, which would be great since I very little to put down, although I believe he still has a mortgage on the property.  Here is what I have come up with:

Gross Mo. Rents 1100 (550/unit)
Prop Tax               150
Insurance                40
PM 10%                110
Vac 10%               110
maintenance 5%     55
CapX 5%                 55
Total Mo. Op. Ex.  520
Mortgage               424  (I'm new to seller financing, so I've started with a  30yr / 4% / 0 down estimate)
Monthly Profit        156

NOI 6,960
est price            88,850  (based on county taxable market value)
Cap Rate             7.8 %

@Dan Guerrant - It really depends on your local market. I would not be excited about those numbers. Are the units individually metered? Do the tenants pay utilities? Unless the seller is desperate to get out of the deal they are not going to give you a 30yr/4%/0 down. If he does - I would be VERY skeptical.

In most markets you cant rely on tax values. You also should not rely on an owner estimate. Do you know anyone experienced in the area that can help you out?

So you are willing to go through all of the pain of property ownership over $156/month. May I ask why?

Is this enough to get you out of your job, or is there a bigger picture here :)

Think about it!