Picking a Broker

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Hello, Currently I am seeking a broker. My two choices this far are a local small new company in town, or Keller Williams.  I have met with the small local company, and value many of the things they have to offer. I am meeting with KW this week. I am a new agent and worried about going with the smaller local company because they are not as known or establish yet. Can that be a good thing? Keller Williams has been around and is all over the US,  what are peoples opinion about a new agent and picking an agency to go with. 

Training and track record will be key.

Do you have 6 months of reserves saved up?? Example you need 3k a month to pay your bills so that would be 18,000 in the bank.

You are starting in September almost and for residential that starts getting to the slow time of the year. Most families move during the summer so that kids can be settled in before school starts back.

Selling to investors for residential Is tough as those are very low sales prices. 

Go with whomever pays you the best commission split.  Whether it's a big or small office, you will still have to "eat what you kill" and bring in business on your own by networking. 

Just make sure both choices have a good reputation.  You don't want to work for someone shady and have the reputation follow you around.

@Teri Waldrop It really depends on what you're looking for.  I can't say anything about the small firm, but I am a Keller Williams agent up in NH and have found huge benefit to working with them.  Both the quality and quantity of the education I received from them has been amazing.  The culture and values they hold are really great, and almost every single KW agent I've met in our office (we have 300) has been them offering to help me out however they can.  I'll PM you a bit more info about them.

Just know though, regardless of which company you go with, you can spin the pros and cons anyway you want for either way.  "Oh I work for Keller Williams, the number one listing office in X" or "Oh I work for [New Small Company].  We're a small firm with a unique marketing plan, a highly dedicated group of agents, and don't come with any of the per-conceived notions buyers might have of other companies".  No matter what the objection a potential client has about your company, it can ALWAYS be responded back to with a positive spin!

Best of luck!

I have friends and family who work with KW, both in Newnan/PTC and Mcdonough.  I'm currently taking the class to get my license too, and will probably go with KW because they offer so much great training.  Their system has a great track record, and I think its a great place to start.