Desperate Improvement

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Hey BP, 

I've been getting desperate looking for properties that want to be sold by owners. I've wasted lots of money and time driving around the places where homes need improvement, and have been asking people if they were interested or knew someone interested in selling their home. Many of them said they did not, kindly, but there were few that did point out some potential flips. I knocked on the door, nobody answered, I went to the neighbor's door, asked who lived their and if they had any contact info, they didn't.

Things got so desperate, that I have been walking several miles, going from house to house, knocking on every door, asking if they were interested in selling their home "as is". i didn't ask this for all the homes, but this is where things got a little scary and traumatizing. 

I knocked on about 15 homes, politely introducing myself, and out came these very annoyed, pissed off, and creepy people who instantaneously started shouting at me. They were yelling, cursing, and one actually tried to throw something at me, but missed. MY POINT IS: what have I been doing wrong? I have been in this deep stage for a while and am looking for ways to improve. What should I say? Should I start sending yellow cards? Who should I call? 

I am, at this point, willing to do anything and everything to work towards improving my communication and locating skills. 

Please leave any and all feedback, Thank you!