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Hi, I am investing in SFH in DFW metro area. Price is very high in last two year. DFW is still good market to invest or it is in bubble category? Please let me know your opinion. Thanks

I personally think there is still a lot more room fro growth before texas is in bubble zone. Remember that there are several large companies moving into the state and job growth is still on the rise. 

Hi Lace, Thank you for your quick response. What area you think good in DFW for single family. I started investing here in 2011 and now own in Mckinney, little Elm, Prosper, Fort Worth and Royse City... Looking forward to explore other area to keep diversified..

I have my favorite area to invest in (close to home), but really it's all about the #s of each deal, and good deals can be found in most areas.   The same can be said of bad deals, and it takes even less work to find those.  ;)

I grew up in Plano area since I was a little kid. Collin county has grown a lot since then. I think it's good to invest the developing area such as wyile, little elm and Denton. 

If you can find a good deal.  I would certainly not go out and buy a bunch of full price houses from a builder and assume the value will go up in the next year.

Hi Michael,

I see lots of investors are buying brand new homes from builders. I go through some numbers in Princeton area and 150K house with $1500 rent.. that is good number for new property where maintenance is very minimum for next 10 years.

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