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Dear BP members, 

I spoke with a potential seller today who has physical possession of his son's house. His son and son's wife are on title. Both son and wife have passed. No will or living trust. The son has two kids who are willing to cooperate. The son's wife has family too. The son had been trying and had success in getting the house in his name before he passed (maybe). He has a pile of court papers but doesn't know what they are or what they mean. 

I need help but with this - maybe I could partner with someone local who is an expert in probates? Local means Inland Empire. 

Zillow $450
Mortgage: $0
Back Taxes: $13K
Seller: Motivated
Situation: Messy

Your comments are appreciated. 


@Sam M. I'm in the I.E. Send me a pm. 

@Sam M.

Your situation sounds a bit confusing. You never mentioned if anyone had filed a petition for probate which is how the probate court will determine who has the legal authority to deal with the property. Without a will the court will have to give the nearest relative some level of authority in order for the house to be sold. 

Now I'm not an expert by far but I do seem to know more than a lot investors when it comes to probate. I've been marketing to probate leads this year and am now getting some traction. I'm about to close a wholesale deal in San Bernardino. And I'm working on a deal in West Covina. Both are probate deals.

I am local to you as I split my time between Azusa and Yucaipa but prefer the Inland Empire for investing because the price point is so good. As I'm about to expand my marketing to vacant houses in the IE I'm going to be looking for cash buyers.

Maybe we can help each other out. I'd be happy to discuss your lead, maybe you could message me or we could meet for coffee.

Hardly enough to help with. What are you trying to accomplish? Buy? List & sell? Protect your commission?

I would chain title and determine how title was vested and which spouse was last to die. 

Also, since your next to my town, need to know if your prospect's is LA, San Bern or RIV county. Laws are the same; small differences in local rules of court. Have you reviewed probate letters? 

There are over 5,000 probate attorneys in CA's 58 counties. I don't know all of them however most read my attorney legal newsletter. 

You and your prospect can see if I have any useful articles on our website intended for attorneys and their clients: Closeprobate (dot) com.  Not trying to promote it, just offer a few resources. 

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