Toledo Ohio

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I am looking at a mobile  home park in Toledo. The address is:

18 city park avenue,Toledo Ohio  43609

This would be a major turn around. If anyone is close to there or knows about the neighborhood there I would appreciate an immediate reply and opinion.   

Also this may be a good one if someone has been wanting to get into the mobile home park business to come in as a partner of some kind. This will happen fast so no time to waste if your interested.

@Dennis Jayy that Park has been slowly going downhill for years. I think it's literally going downhill too as there is a lot of erosion towards the back of the park going down into a ravine. The neighborhood around it is about as bad as it gets. 

It is very close to downtown which is going through a revitalization, but it's separated from downtown by I-75 so I don't think that would help. 

I personally would love to see someone make this Park work as its a major eyesore, but it will be a very tough task.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the quick response.  It has just come on the market from a repo people and priced very attractive but it really needs a lot of work. They are asking 300 and willing to finance so it is attractive if the market will support it. Interesting when they let them go down for a long time what was the reasons for it.

Thanks again,


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