slab flooring vs the conventional crawl space.

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I'm interested in knowing what others think about this subject. I'm currently replacing one of my properties sub floor and it has me thinking about slab vs crawl. I have several of both and have only had issues with the conventional crawl space structure. I talked to my cousin about this and he said that he has had to use a jackhammer on several of his pluming customers slabs. I have never had this issue, but I'm curious about others experiences and any additional problems that could arise with a slab floor. Thanks

There are vendors in many locations whose business includes pouring concrete floors in crawl spaces to eliminate the issues you describe. Maybe find a vendor like that in your area ask them to discuss those issues with you.

It is a nightmare if you have to get to your plumbing or drainage if it is in concrete. It isn't often that you would have to do this (I think I have had to do it 2 times in 8 years) but I probably should have done it a few other times. I didn't because it is so difficult, we usually just find a way to live with the issue or a way to work around it. In my current primary residence I have to snake the clean out a least once a month. I would rather get poop on my hands once a month then jack up the floor.

Having that said, slabs don't rot, attract termites or carpenter ants. Animals and bugs cannot live in or below a slab. A slab is well insulated. And, it is no joy crawling under the house when there is an issue.

I would choose slab all day

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