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I am currently a Student at the University of North Florida and was looking to buy a property in Jacksonville to manage while I am in school. I Was wondering if I could get your thoughts on the Jacksonville market as a hole and also knowledge you can share that you wish you had as a first time buyer. 

There are plenty of great areas around UNF to house hack.  Find a 3/2 and rent out the 2 extra rooms to people you go to school with.  They will pay for most of your mortgage and utilities.  You just need to have the credit or a cosigner and a down payment.  



There is a great loan/bond program for first time home buyers right now. Offering up for $15K in down payment and closing costs. you will need to put a little skin in the game about $1K. It can be used for FHA and Conventional loans. Not for Rennovation loans. I am a local realtor and live/work in the area. Give me a call/email/text and I can forward info for a few lenders in town.

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