4plex for sell how much should i offer

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i don't know much about negotiation so I'm just trying to have an idea of what is not a crazy offer so something like thisHOW MUCH WOULD YOU GUYS OFFER on the scenario that everything is good. this is how it is on the MLS.

" Live for nearly free, this property won't last long! Excellent cash flow producing 4plex with GARAGES! Fully rented out, this property shows a 44% return on investment (proforma attached). Property is professionally managed. Large decks over garages. NOT a flat roof, new in 2007. Two rehabbed apts, two average. Great corner location.

8 beds4 baths3,584 sqft


Price cut: -$10,000 (10/10)

stimate®: $469,234 

44 days on the market 

I'm trying to have an idea on how low can you actually go when making an offer not just on this one but anyone I'm always scare of going too low and make it sound rediculous but this is a little information on it. my banker said that with 25% down my payments are gonna be 2,350 thats Principal & Interest, taxes and Homeowners Insurance. about 500 on utilites and other expenses. income  1400 per unit plus 100 from laundry. 

Hi @Alberto Urena , it seems like you're looking at this as if it's a single-family house and you don't want to miss out on a deal of a lifetime. You need to look at it to see if it makes sense from an investment perspective. And that means you will need much more information before you can make an informed decision. You don't know (or at least have not provided us) any information about the rent rolls and the operation costs, etc. You should be making your offer based on that... not just 25% off of some random asking price the seller came up with.