good contract to submit an offer to a wholesaler

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I have a property that I have looked over from a local wholesaler and I am interested in making an offer on it a little bit below his asking price. I would be purchasing this property for my first fix and flip. I don't want to use my normal residential real estate contract. and I would also like to have a contingency put in there that states my offer can be rescinded if the results of my  mold and asbestos inspection come back bad. Can anyone help me out?

@Will Martin - If he already has it under contract then chances are he will assign the existing contract to you.  But you could write an amendment / addendum to that contract adding in that contingency.  Usually it will already have an inspection contingency that those items will fall under

Thank you very much @Brie Schmidt! Your right. He does have a contract on the property so I guess it would just get assigned to me if we agree on a price. I have never worked with a wholesaler before but I do remember hearing that. Thank you for your help!