Fair analysis or too conservative??? Newbie here

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I'm a newbie here and would greatly appreciate some feedback.

3 Unit Property

List Price 69,900

20% down (13980)

Loan 55,920 at 7% for 30yrs = 372/mo


2125/mo (25,500/yrly)


Taxes 3087yr (258/mo)

Ins 1200/yr (100/mo)

Landlord pd utilities 6264/yr (522/mo)

Water/Sewer 700/yr (59/mo)

Vacancy (10%) 2550/yr (212.5/mo)

Capex (20%) 5100/yr (425/mo)


NOI 6582


CAP RATE 11.77%

C-O-C 15.2%

The whole property appears well maintained. The roof and windows look newer. The exterior was painted a few ago also.

Am I doing this correctly? Am I missing anything? Am I being too conservative with things? 

Thanks in advance for your feedback. 

Hi @Jason Ruff. You're missing management expense. Even if you choose to do the work yourself (and I wouldn't recommend it), there's a real-dollar cost to collecting rents, ensuring on-time payment, dealing with late payers, handling repairs, etc.). Here in Atlanta, property management companies charge 8-10% of rents.

Also, I'm concerned about those landlord-paid utilities. They represent a significant chunk of your expenses and are entirely dependent on the habits of the tenants. How do you protect your profits if your residents start taking hour-long showers or leaving every light for days? At very least, you should look at several years of historical data to avoid any nasty surprises. Is sub-metering (each unit get its own bill) a possibility?

Lastly, I didn't follow all of your calculations, but your Cap Rate should be Net Operating Income / Current Market Value. Assuming your NOI ($6582) is correct and the property is worth $69,900, I get 9.41%.

I'm also a newbie, and kind of amazed you found a deal with such a Cash on Cash + CAP rate. :)

Is this a online listing or a private deal you discovered off-market?

I agree with Mitch - cap rate calculates to 9.4% approx. 


In my area, depending on the neighborhood and how nice the property is, yes, It is fully rented but I had yet to verify. Then the next day, the property was listed as contingent. Guess I keep looking.


All of those are great points to really take a look at (and will begin to examine them when I find my next prospect). Is a capital expenditure deduction of 30% a fair estimation of any "extra" expenses I might miss in my calculations? I deduct that on top of know expenses (taxes, ins, and other known monthly expenses). 

Jason, I'm an investor located in Oneonta. I think we actually went to Delaware academy together. I have a very good contact who owns rentals in Otego and Unadilla that wants to get out after the last of his long terms leaves. Mount Upton is going to be a high vacancy town. We can find you much better deals close by. I just received a call from a fellow in Walton today. 7 units fully rehabbed and rented for $200k. If you would like, pm me and we can discuss some really nice deals I have seen recently.