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Hi BPs!  This is market specific, Chicago, 60618 - Albany Park

What are current market rents for B + building west of California East of Kedzie in B+ area?

Dishwasher, in-unit laundry, gas forced air.

2 / 1

3 / 1

3 / 1 with option to + 2/1 duplex down to finished basement. (5/2)

Possible upgrades

WIFI included

Dishnetwork 240 channels included - HBO, SHO, etc.


Covered Garage

Outdoor Garage

Thank you! 


*** Albany Park (Chicago) Rental Analysis ***

This analysis is based on MLS transactions for the

12 month period ending 12/20/2015.

This is just for the area in Albany Park between California

and Kedzie.

A total of 59 units were rented in the last 12 months.

Here are the average rents by bedroom count:

Studio... Average rent $770

1 bed / 1 bath... Average rent $1,028

2 beds /1 bath...Average rent $1,243

2 beds / 2 baths...Average rent $1,548

3 beds / 1 bath...Average rent $1,550

3 beds / 2 baths...Average rent $1,821

4 beds / 2 baths...Average rent $2,000

I hope this helps.

Mark Killion

Real Estate Broker

Kale Realty - Chicago, IL

@Frank S. & @Mark Killion those rents are too high for Albany Park. Keep in mind that most rentals in the MLS are condo units in perfect conditions and larger than the units located in 3 flats. Frank is looking at granite/SS appliances, designer kitchen and baths, all hardwood floors and great closets space.

I will lower the prices by at least few hundred dollars unless you have that qualify of units!

@Lumi Ispas

Hello Lumi.

These are the average numbers based on 59 transactions.  Keep in mind this is only for the area between California and Kedzie.  It is possible that this subset of Albany Park commands higher rents.  Since they are averages, some units were rented for lower, and some units were rented for higher.   The averages will give you a rough estimate of value.  He mentioned these rentals were in a B+ building with a dishwasher and in-unit laundry.

So these sound like quality units to me.

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