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Questions and/or Comments on this program endorsed by Scott and Amie Yancey from A&E's Flipping Vegas?

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Never hear of the 'organization' before now. I call it 'organization' because it looks like an EDU (educational site) but is in reality a .com (commercial intent). I think it is not a good practice to state in name and/or imply an EDU when it doesn't meet the .EDU requirements. Their domain was created 21-aug-2015 so this is a newer domain.

The first striking thing (2 seconds in) about their site is there is a "Reimbursement" tab. Interesting. What prompts them put this kind of tab? After reading it, I think they have a lot of people looking for money back. That made me wonder about their performance. In the fine print at the bottom of their privacy policy page, they say "For advanced education success rates and student satisfaction ratings, please visit:" That page yields a 404 (page doesn't exist). These are not good signs. Last thing I checked was BBB... and at D- I'd have serious reservations about interfacing with this organization.

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References: yields 404 error

@Victoria Ledgerwood I attended the training for this company associated with Scott and Amie Yancy and it was an awesome experience. I learned so much and what I have learned has really motivated me to get into real estate. Like they informed us Scott and Amie would never put their name on something that was not worth it. What I can say is that I am a student and I am now taking action we have on going support and resources to refer back to. I can call up the professionals as much as I want. I have called them so much and have got so many questions answered. I thanks them every time and I tell them that I should know their number by heart by now. If I had not joined and went to the 3 day training. I would still look at real estate the same meaning not worth my time or effort to even look into it.

@Turquoise Brown-Utley   Good to see a post from someone who actually took the course. The show stopper (no pun intended) for me is that they don't show their user's experience.

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@Chris Martin No worries once you attend their workshop they give you tools and access so that you can she people who had gone through training and took action. They have a good rating that they share as far as the success and what us as student thought of the overall training. It for me was a mind blowing experience.

Personally, I see that when I take a local Wake Tech Community College course. It's good that everyone can find their beneficial workshop. For me, $90 is a 'no-brainer' for a WTCC course where I can mingle with other investors and (on occasion) take a course where (when the instructor is an attorney) I can get legal advice/guidance for about $2.50/hr. Incredible.

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