Can someone walk me through the flipping process?

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My name is Datona. I live in Mansfield, OH, which is in the northcentral part of OH. I am a newbie and I was wondering if someone could walk me through the process of buying a property and flipping the property. I have my eyes on a property that seems like a good buy, but financially I cannot purchase a home because of my credit. With that being said, I am taking my time and learning the field. If someone could give me some type of insight with the process of buying and flipping, it would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you,


Welcome Datona!

It would take a long post to walk you through the flipping process. 😉 However- I would hop over to the entire forum dedicated to rehabbing and house flipping. You will find hours and hours of reading there, and thousands of posts! Start connecting with individuals and you will find people you can trust who can help analyze your numbers. I would also read up on repairing your credit.

Additionally.... Check out - a website and blog written by a very success flipper,
Jay Scott. He also wrote a couple very practical books on flipping and estimating rehab costs... You will see them on his website as well.
All of this should give you loads of information to get you started... GOOD LUCK!!

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I second the J Scott Book on Flipping Houses, and Book on estimating rehab costs. 

I have read a lot of books, taken guru seminars and boot camps,  These are hands down the best how to manuals for the trade. 

Good luck in your ventures