Assisted Living in Ft Lauderdale

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I'm looking at a commercial property that I think could be an excellent candidate for an ALF. Problem is, I don't know anything about Assisted Living Facilities.

I'm hoping someone in the FLL area can give me some guidance on the subject.

Thanks BP Nation!

Look into Gene Gaurino's RAL Academy. My wife and I took his 3 day course in Phoenix last year, and we are in the process of starting up our first site in Texas. For those who can't travel, he has the course on DVD as well, but at the live event you get to tour several of his facilities. 

I first became aware of Gene from Kevin Bupp's podcast. Undoubtedly he's been a guest on others.

Even if you are looking to start a bigger, commercial enterprise, Gene's education is a wonderful introduction.

Hope that helps.