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Hi everybody,

I am a new investor, and following @Brandon Turner's plan of analyzing 3 deals per day. However, I don't believe that I have the correct template or calculators. I am trying to analyze Single Family Homes (SFH) in the Aurora / Naperville, IL area, for potential buy-and-hold rental properties.

Does anyone out there have a calculator or template that they prefer using? Something in a downloadable spreadsheet would be great as well.

Any additional tips or strategies for evaluating potential properties, is always welcomed as well.

Thank you,

There's a great rental property calculator right here in Bigger Pockets under the Tools drop box at the top. I believe you can analyze 5 deals for free if i'm not mistaken. 

Can go to and download J Scott's SFH Analysis spreadsheet. I think you need to subscribe to the newsletter first to get the link. This sheet is available somewhere in BP too under J Scott's.

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