Buyer Addendum

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Hey everyone. I am in the process of getting a place and just had an inspection. During the inspection there were a couple red flags that they found;

- The foundation has cracked and shifted a little in 4 places. Albeit, the house is 116 years old, so settling is normal. 

- The basement didn't have proper ventilation and it grew black mold or some sort of mold throughout the entire basement. I find it to be a health hazard. As well as part of the crawl space had no plastic tarp covering the dirt. 

My question, is how can I make this a deal with these issues. Do I ask the seller to repair all items before closing? Do I just drop the price and fix them later? The price of the building is market value, if not a little above. The reason I want to go forward is that its in an excellent neighborhood, great rental space and the zoning is awesome.