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I am new to the BP community and I recently came across Renatus while browsing Craigslist looking for work and replied to an ad for real estate training I've done my due diligence and attended all the webinars only to learn that it costs $125 to get started with the marketing side of things. I understand that it takes money to make money but why can't the first sale go towards the fee to get started with them so instead of being paid the $125 to bring someone in they would keep the first  $125 payment. Does that make sense? I was really looking forward to getting started too but oh well on to reading up on real estate investing to see if it's a fit for me.

if you search them in the BP search bar you should be able to find out everything you need to know. they are generally regarded as selling the same information that can be gained for free with just a little research. Like I  said search the forum for other posts about them and make your own informed choices.

How much research did you do? I am still researching them. As far as BBB standards are concerned they have an A+ rating, most people know BBB takes complaints. That's the second place they go in my opinion.

Here's the thing; if you're looking for education it cannot be beat! DO NOT look at it from the stand point of selling/marketing the education - It's an education company FIRST - Eventually, it will sell its self, that's IF you want to. I don't think it's stressed enough, you do NOT have to do one to do the other-you can do either, or, or both... the education is worth every penny! Just ask J Massey and Matt Theriault! That's where they got their education....

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