Good morning everyone! As a new investor to Baltimore, I'm seeking some advice. I've picked up bits and pieces from other threads, but I haven't quite found what I'm looking for. 

My situation is pretty straightforward. I have a lead on two row houses on the 23rd block of Callow Ave. I have not been able to get inside yet, but from the outside they look like standard vacant row homes. One will almost certainly need a new roof. I have an offer pending that would give me a 45 day inspection period and lock in both properties at or around $35k. 

Here's my question for the experienced Baltimore investors: If you were looking for a row house to rehab, would you consider this a good lead? Hard to say without seeing the inside of the properties, I know, but I'd like some general thoughts about rehab/renovation prospects on this particular block of Reservoir Hill and whether $35 - $40k for two row houses would be considered a good price. My plan would be to sell these post-renovation.  

Thanks in advance!