Where to find the numbers to practice deal analysis?

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Hey all, 

Wondering where people go to find  Real estate deal financials so that I can practice deal analysis  using real numbers. Are people just taking what they can find from LoopNet, or other sites? Which sites do you think are best? 

 Thanks for any suggestions. 

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@Michael Newman ,

I use these sources:

  • current T12 & rent roll (if available)
  • comparable rents from broker's OM package
  • comparable rents from neighboring properties (MLS, rentometer.com, umovefree.com, calling to the property)
  • expenses provided by management companies that have similar properties under management
  • expenses (ranges) from NAA survey - usually outdated but give a 10000 ft picture and helps establishing some baselines. E.g. if payroll is in $1100-1300 range but T12 claims it to be $500, use the number from the range.

Hope that helps

Originally posted by @Nick B. :

@Michael Newman,

I use these sources:

  • current T12 & rent roll (if


All great ideas I'll use. Thanks. Are there places to get some initial numbers online maybe without that heavy due diligence just as a way to practice analysis?  I don't want ask for too much of people when I may not be really interested in the property, and just practicing skills. I find the info on loopnet etc is very thin for practice purposes. 

Broker's OM package usually have plenty of data. Get some listing from Marcus and Milichap or CBRE, for example.

National Apartment Association is a good source of aggregate data. 

Here is the latest summary: http://m.naahq.org/sites/default/files/naa-documents/about-membership/IncomeandExpense2016-EXECSUMMARY.pdf