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Hello, I'm looking for inspectors in Charlotte! Does anyone have recommendations and also what's the going rate for inspectors in the area. Thanks!!!!!

I have used Doug Swanson multiple times and he is very reasonable. However, inspection price will vary by property type and size.

Doug Swanson
CDSwansoninc Home Inspections

Google his name and company and you can find him

Marko Rubel
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I moved to Mooresville last year from Southern California. I had flipped a lot of houses in Riverside County. Shortly after moving here, I found a good deal in Concord and did a nice rehab. The buyer used an inspector who did a better and more thorough job than any inspector I have experienced in SoCal. I thought enough of the guy that I used him for my personal home on my builder's warranty at one year. He did an awesome job on that. His name is Tom Davis, Davis Home Inspections. He's in Concord.

Sounds like you have some solid suggestions here but just to add I have had good luck finding people on Thumbtack as well. They'll shoot you a rough quote with their business name so you can check into them first before agreeing to anything. Good place to find more than inspectors as well...but a 1st hand reference is hard to beat!

Congrats on your deal, hope it goes smoothly!

@Account Closed You might have already found an inspector, but here are two recomendations:

1. Marion Greiner - Carolinas Preferred Home Inspections - Did a very thorough job on my primary, including re-inspection after seller repairs. 

2. Jarrod Goforth - HomeSpectors - Used him a couple of weeks back for a buy-and-hold. 

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