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Hey guys!

I have a deal on the table but I need some feedback from you more experienced investors.  The deal consists of 30 units: a 10 plex, a few triplexes, and some small single family homes.  The rents are in the lower range from $275-550.  6 of the units are vacant.  

Right now the units bring in $8600 monthly, with 6 units vacant.  We have made an all cash offer at $585k, but the seller has countered at $600k.  I believe there's room to raise each rent either $25 or $50 per month, hence raising the value of the properties.  So, I have attached a few analyses here to show the numbers:  


Any feedback or advice is highly appreciated!


- Michael

Hello Michael,

I know this was from last year.. I stumbled across this and I am now curious on how did this turn out? If I would have saw it last year I could have given you some feedback. Hope it went great and here is to your success! *Cheers*


-Matt Powell