Santa Clara Home for Sale - Please advice

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Hi everybody, I run into a home that an agent want to sell, is off market, is located in Santa Clara close to the Levi Stadium. I have no money of my own and in the process of refinancing my personal home.  I am need of advice, can I get funding? where can I get funding? What kind of contract do I need to use to whole sale or for assignment or to try in purchase it myself if I am able to get funding?

Please help.

Thank you,

Raul V.

Hello Raul, 

Great job on getting the lead. First thing first, you will have to determine if the price is reasonable to FLIP or try to do an Air bnb model for high cash flow. We can help you run some numbers, I live in the area. 

If it's a good deal, next you can take it to the next step and submit an offer with the and/or assign so you can wholesale the deal.  Let me know if you need help thanks

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