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Who's selling Flipcomp at a discount price.  Flipcomp is brand new to te marketplace.  It's an analysis software.  I've seen demos on YouTube.  The regular price for a subscription service $299.00 per month.  For beginners that's not a feasible price.  However, I found out that Than Merrill offered it to his students for $45.00 per month.  I couldn't get in on that deal!  Does anyone know where to buy this software at a discount price?

Hi @Raymond Williams

I believe FlipComp was offered to everyone that attended the free seminar & 3-day training course. I received an email, but believe my trial period to lock it in at that price is up. I remember getting it the night before my 1st day, but didn't realize the importance of it until after I started doing more research into REI. There were a lot of tools suggested and being emailed to me (from other sources). Really wish that offer comes back around. It would really come in handy right now.

So it was an introductory price trail period offer at $45.00 per month.   I learned on YouTube that they were offering it free to at least one broker per market area.   Then the brokers where to make sales.  Flipcomp is great in that most of process is automatic, i.e. pricing, comps, etc. However, for investor newbies just starting out the price is not feastible until you get paid on a couple of deals.  I found one other product on YouTube that's similar to Flimcomp but not as good.  I'll have to search for it again using the YouTube search window.  Try searching for "property evaluation software," "investor software" or similar search words.

Hi @Raymond Williams ,

What is it about flipcomp that interests you most?



If you haven't seen how it works then perhaps you should look at a few YouTube demos on the software:  Then you may understand.  What I'm not interested in is the $299 per month price.

I've looked at FlipComp, it can be useful.  However if you are just getting started and would rather spend a few extra minutes than $299/month, you can get most of the same info for free.  If you have deals/leads rolling in and need to save time....that's when you can justify it.

Once thing that concerns me with FlipComp is it seems slow to update when listings change or expire. May just depend on the area and MLS office. But for example, a property that expired and re-listed with a new broker in October is still shown at the old price and agent on FlipComp. And the ARV that the software pulls is consistently WAY off base, so it will alert you to "deals" that aren't really deals at all. Still some sifting to do.

Don't think I will pay the $299 per month for it, anyway not right now.  I think I found something similar for less than $299 and I don't mean monthly.  However, it doesn't provide the ease of use as Flipcom.  I'm just getting started so I'll spend the extra time uploading photos into my analysis and lender presentations. 

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The monthly price drops to $149 last time I check.  it's much more reasonable  

yup.. its $149 a month...I just tried signing up for a subscription , but the html-form is not working.. I called out to support and i'm actively waiting for feeback.

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