Help with Rehab Projections (Fort Wayne & Warsaw IN)

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Bigger Pocket Community,

I've been reading about real estate for 2 years now, and I'm finally ready to make the push to start DOING instead of just sitting on the sidelines. I recently got out of the Air Force and will be living long-term in the Warsaw/Fort Wayne, IN area. 

Can anyone provide advice on how to evaluate how much a home rehab will cost? What are some rehab items that are relatively easy DIY vs. things that should be contracted out? Does anyone have any good recommendations for contractors in this area or an investment minded real estate agent?

I've seen some fixer uppers that look like they have potential. I'm worried my inexperience will lead me to underestimate the cost of repairs. Any insight is appreciated. 



Hello @Jeffrey Price

First, from one Air Force vet to another, welcome to the BP community and thank you for your  service.

Try J Scott's "Book on Estimating Rehabs". It's an excellent step by step guide to get you started (you can buy this book and others here on BP). Attend some local REI meet-ups and club meetings. There are plenty of networking opportunities at these events. Investors, Realtors, Lenders, Contractors all attend and are willing to help you. You can go to the BP menu and find the community tab. Then go to networking tab. You can search for events near you.

Also, post in different Forums here using specific keywords (I.e.  Looking for Realtor in Ft. Wayne, In).   People are watching for these type posts and will offer their help.  Good luck.

@John Leavelle ,

Thank you for reaching out! I will definitely check that book out. I'm trying to gain all the knowledge I can. I appreciate the other advice too. Best wishes on your own endeavors and thank you for your service. 

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