Neglected home, potential flip, owner in hospice care

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Hey guys and gals,

A house down the street from ours was robbed a few weeks ago.

The lady who lived there for many years is elderly and has moved into a care facility. A hospice situation, she is getting ready to pass on.

The home is now vacant. It is evidently run down and in need of repairs. I anticipate that all of her stuff is still in there. Furniture, belongings, etc. I also am inferring that she does not have any family involved in the property.

Word got around the neighborhood that it was broken into, along with the fact that there is some sort of property management company that is now supposed to be care-taking the estate.

Tax and mls information pulls up the elderly woman, but as mentioned she is in no condition to be contacted.

How do I go about getting involved and potentially purchasing and rehabbing the property before it is listed on the market? I know the property has a lot of potential.

What would you do in this situation? And how?

No matter what you hear theres a chance the house could be in a will or in some kind of living trust without your knowledge. Also, I would not give an impression that you are thinking about rehab before she has even passed. I would let it go for now and let the legalities play out and look for another deal, but keep your eye on it. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.

It's down the street right? 

Send flowers or something to her and the family from a neighbor. Let her know you're keeping an eye on the property and wish them your best. 

They'll at least know who you are after, you'll have an open line of communication, and then I'd approach them after the inevitable happens. 

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