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For the wholesalers out there, I am wondering how to build a direct mail list. I was speaking to a guy last night at a local REIA meeting and he said he "goes to the county" to get the addresses for all the properties in a geographic area. What I'm wondering is how I go about "going to the county" to get that list, and how do I narrow that list down to distressed properties? Do I need to drive to the county courthouse or can I do it online? Newbie looking for some advice.

Hi @Jon Lowhorn ! You could do what the guy suggested if you want to, or you could just spend $100 +/- $50 and buy a list from a whole host of online vendors including ListSourceListabilityUS Lead List, etc. You can also have mail fullfillment vendors just get the list for you too. For example, the folks at and Yellow Letters Complete can both pull lead lists for you. 

Hope it helps!

Hello @Jon Lowhorn ! Welcome to the BP Community!

I would say it kinda depends on what type of list you are looking for. I like using to pull lists, however I pull primarily Absentee/Owner Occupied lists.

I know there are TONS of forums that discuss this topic as well, so if you don't receive the answer you were looking for here, I 'd recommend utilizing the search bar and sift through past forums. 

Good luck! And Happy Investing! :-)

Thanks, that helps a lot!

It all depends on your county. Some have them online. It also depends on the format/data they allow. 

Most guys start with driving for dollars. Mix in high equity/absentee and you're off to a pretty solid start. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. 

I definitely recommend that you try to obtain lists that are free. Such as code enforcement, probate, tax delinquent, etc. This will save you money which you can spend on mailings. 

Keep in mind that lists from sites like listsource are available for everyone. So you'll have many people mailing to the same addresses you have. 

In general, the harder the list is to obtain, the higher the quality. 

Holy crap. Study marketing, especially direct mail masters like Halbert, Kennedy, et al. Lean what trigger are (one of my favorite's is Joe Sugarman's book by same name).

Don't let your letter house dictate the lists. It's like letting a bartender pick your date! Somehow the bartender and your date get your money and you just end up with a lighter wallet.

Yeah, sure, I know. Studying is a pain. Testing is expensive. But once you see your efforts pay off, others will not be able to catch up with you.

@Marvin McTaw hi!! I would like to PM or email you I have a few questions as I'm new to wholesaling in GA..

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