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Hi everyone! New investor looking to find my first deal in Northern Virginia. Just wanted to know how to look for deals. How can I get access to MLS? Without it do I still have a chance? How do I get absentee owner lists, pre-foreclosure lists, or any type of list to start direct mailing? Thanks a lot everyone!

Good Evening Benigno.

First I want to congratulate you on wanting to follow your RE dreams/goals as your on the right track.

One of the things I really suggest is to just get on your phone or tablet and listen to at least a couple podcasts per day. Many of these go over a couple ways in almost every show I have listen to and as of now I have knocked out about 10-12 so far. One specific episode to check out is Podcast show 91, I'm sure  there are many more with even better content, but this is the most recent one I suggest you listen to. 

Also get in the habit of talking to people you know and even strangers, tell them your looking to buy homes that are distressed and in need of repair you never know what can come of it.

There are a number of great ways to find a deal and no one way is better then the other as some are very market specific. I recommend you keep good notes while listening to the podcasts or listen to them a couple times while driving in the car or what ever.

Good luck and welcome to the world of RE investing.

@Benigno Cunanan Welcome to BP. You can get access to the MLS by becoming a real estate agent or one of the other professional trades that are allowed to access it. If you don't want to get licensed you can partner up with a real estate agent.

The MLS is not the only source of leads though. You can drive around looking for properties, you can mine websites like craigslist, purchase lists from companies, or get them title companies. I feel you are only limited by your creativity.

If you are interested in direct marketing I prepared a BP blog post a few weeks ago with a list of books that really helped me out with writing copy that got people to actually call me. here is the link 


I hope that helps you out. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to reach out :)

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