Hello BP,

I have a friend who owns a house free and clear.  He wants to sell the house because the location isn't the best and he doesn't want to deal with the utility bills.  The house is in good condition and it was a family house passed down to him, so they spent some money to repair it in the past.  He would like to sell it at market value if possible.

What would be a good way, if any, for me to approach this kind of deal?  Since he wants to sell it at market value, there won't be much room for me to profit, if I decide to flip (which was my plan).  I could try to negotiate as well.  

Would Seller Financing be a possibility?  Or what other ways might there be?  I would like to reach a deal with him and hope to benefit both of us.  My plan is to flip the house eventually, but how can I reach a deal where both of us can come out satisfied?  Any advise or ideas will be greatly appreciated!