How to find Cash Buyers?

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Get on every wholesale list you can. Someone will CC all buyers on their next deal. Then you just copy paste.

That wasn't my plan, I just discovered this on accident :) but it's happened at least 4 times.

I also doubled my list when I traded lists with another investor.

The best strategy is just consistently going to meetups and networking though.

Originally posted by @Jason S. :

2. You could pull trustee's deeds and then look up the buyers after the sale.

3. How about looking up MLS listings that say "cash only" - when they close escrow - look up who bought it.

5. Select local hard money lender, look up what properties they have liens on, then look up the owner. These hard money borrowers are oftentimes a good as a cash buyer.

These are interesting and I'd like to understand them a little a better. I was hoping someone could expand on them.

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