Comps without the MLS?

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@Lucas D. Bubb It's definitely possible to get a range for comps without using the MLS. You can use either or and just search under the "just sold" tab. Both websites will have filters that you can use to narrow down your search. The only thing is that doing it this way won't be 100% accurate because the MLS gives a detailed amount of information about each settlement.

Just as a FYI..  I wouldn't rely on the Zestimate on Zillow as an accurate comp. 

I just started learning about real estate but it seems that most people i hear on the Bigger Pockets podcast initially utilize a website like redfin for their initial analysis but it is recommended to definitely do the comps with the MLS because it will be more accurate. Once again i do not own a property and this is just what i have read and heard.